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Project Description

Refurbishment at Loch Tay

AGB worked on the external refurbishment of this cottage in an enviable location overlooking Loch Tay.

“My cottage, overlooking Loch Tay, looked in a sorry state when we approached AGB to undertake a major refurbishment.  I had thought the roof was in reasonably good order but was told in no uncertain terms that it would require a total overhaul, and slates rather than tiles were recommended.  As regards the outside, we were advised that, before anything was done, we should redo the windows and doors which were what might kindly be called “1980’s technology”.

At the outset I had been looking just to reclad the building and having established that both the roof and doors/windows needed to be redone, we got around to the cladding and Russwood was recommended.  Billy Ferguson of AGB was absolutely right, the roof did need replacing and the doors and windows likewise.  The result has been truly transformational and anyone seeing the property for the first time would probably think it was a new build, done to a high specification.

No work is ever without its glitches, but what I liked about working with AGB is that any issues were dealt with in a thoroughly professional way and put right with no questions asked.  The project came in slightly later than anticipated and as a result all additional work slightly higher than the original budget, but in retrospect this was money very well spent and one cannot often say that about a refurbishment project.

In short, I would thoroughly recommend AGB, who employ very professional workers who are a pleasure to deal with.”