The AGB Experience

It isn’t often that construction companies receive glowing tributes. In these tough economic times, the focus is all too often on getting the job done quickly and moving onto the next. But over the past few years, AGB have been concentrating on strengthening relationships with our clients and delivering amazing bespoke homes.

Allan Brown, Managing Director says: “We realised early on that it’s about quality, not quantity. We take on contracts where we believe that we can deliver something special. But quality doesn’t just mean building stunning properties; it’s also about working with our clients to meet their precise needs, talking them through the build process, listening to them and in turn, building customer loyalty.”

The approach seems to be working and more and more we receive glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. We were extremely proud and flattered to receive the following feedback from Malcolm Flinn, owner and Director of the Kenmore Hotel and Luxury Lodges:

“The problems of dealing with builders and building projects in general are legendary and usually a good supply of aspirin is needed to carry one through to completion.

I have carried out projects in Europe, England but mostly Scotland. In the main most builders try to satisfy their clients but almost invariably there are problems in quality of finish, time, overspend etc unless you have the AGB experience.

AGB tendered on a small development of mine in Kenmore. There was a renovation of an old cottage and two new semi-detached cottages and with the added complication of being in a conservation area with a complicated problem with a historic wall. They were the chosen best tenderer but there was some initial nervousness as I had never dealt with the company before. They seemed very straightforward, honest and keen to finish the job to the highest standard …….. and …………. they did just that! The project was finished on time, on budget and to the highest quality. Any teething problem was immediately resolved and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending AGB. I would be happy for anyone to examine the quality of their work.

Finally……..thank you AGB.”